First, a confession: My name is not E.L. Dalke. Not that this matters much in the grand scheme of things. This is an online blog, most likely written by someone you don’t know, so my real name naturally comes into question. However, since the purpose here is to tell the truth, it won’t do to begin with a lie, which is why I’m telling you now about the pseudonym. It turns out that sometimes truth telling is easier to do under an assumed name—easier for me and easier for those who know me.

Aside from the names, this blog is a recording of actual events. At times it may read much like a memoir. At other times, it may take on a more stream-of-consciousness format. The point is to tell my story—mostly for my own benefit as I have reached a stage in life where telling what happened, as well as what happens now as a result, appears critical to my personal well-being. But it also occurs to me that there may be others who need to read this story, and this blog is also for you.

Some of the content here may be difficult. Some of it will not be appropriate for young readers. All of it, aside from the names, will be, as far as I can recall or have had it retold to me, true. My story contains elements of trauma and abuse. Some of the trauma came at the hands of innocent people trying to do the right thing. My journey through adulthood includes incidents of non-epileptic seizures that the mental health community, as of the time of this writing, refers to as PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures). I also plan to share my experiences with dissociative identity disorder (DID), both in an effort to breed understanding of a difficult diagnosis as well as to help myself better come to terms with portions of my own journey.

Neither writing nor reading this blog is likely to be easy. Since you’ve read this far, I invite you to stick around awhile and learn more. I sincerely hope that something good will come of it—for both of us.


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